Benefits of Martial Arts


What can martial arts do for you or your child? Beyond skills of self defense and physical fitness, martial arts promotes qualities needed to be successful in all areas of life. Students learn respect and self control, focus and concentration. We help them discover that with self discipline, confidence, and a winning attitude any goal is achievable. We have been proud to witness and be a part of hundreds of students' growth to be their best selves. 

Honor, Loyalty, Family, and Bravery. Martial arts is not just about the individual. Our students create lasting bonds not only with the instructors but with their classmates. You meet more people than you regularly would through normal school or extra curriculars. Their team becomes more than just friends, they become family. They are pushed both physically and mentally, but support and motivate eachother through the entire journey. Age, gender, and race do not matter on the mat, together we are all just martial artists. 

Testimonies from Students and Parents

Robert H. (Parent):  "We were looking for an activity for our daughter (13) and she asked about karate. We wanted to find somewhere that provided not just skills but also confidence and a sense of community. West Coast Mission is AMAZING. It is a true family run business but more than that they bring in new family. My daughter loves the team of instructors and after a few months she is more committed than ever. The instructors/family is there to support and challenge - we are so lucky to have found them."

Dorit R. (Parent/Student):   "Both my kids and I were with the studio for about five years total. My kids were 8 and 3.5 when they started. They have a large team of instructors, all of them dedicated, each of his or her own strengths. You learn much from each of the instructors, and I think they complement each other's strengths. They set high standards and expect an effort, which is one of the things we liked. They care passionately about teaching the students. Again, they will expect you to put in an effort, and reward you by teaching you a lot, and providing excellent exercise."

Sharadha R. (Parent) :  "Our son has been going to the karate classes since November 2021, he started with tiny dragons classes. When you look beyond the strong curriculum this facility provides, you will find them being inclusive, encourageing, providing a caring atmosphere and most importantly a safe environment. I must also add that they highlight the importance of parents and the hard work put in for the kids at the end of a class. They also make sure that some classes are fun so kids don't get bored with the curriculum. We as parents love this place and like spending time there ourselves."

Kunal A. (Dragon Student):  "West Coast Mission means learning how to defend yourself."

Cristie R. (Parent):  "My oldest daughter started training here when she was about 7. Two years prior she had dealt with a medical condition that had turned my outgoing bubbly child into a quiet timid one. Being apart of this community has honed her confidence and leadership skills. I have taken adult classes as time permits and my youngest also took classes. West Coast Mission is family to us."


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