How Do I Stay Informed Of Events And Closures?

Google Calendar

All our students and their parents are given access to our calendar which lists all events, closures, and other important dates along with information about them. The Google Calendar is a great tool for students and parents to stay informed on their phones. 

'Mission Families' Email

We add each parent and student (of age) to our 'Mission Families' email list. When important information comes up our staff will send out mass emails to ensure that the whole family stays updated. 

Studio Postings

Important dates are announced at the end of each class, posted on papers on the front door, and on the monitor above the front desk. 

Social Media

Our social media accounts don't just show the pictures and videos from our events, we also post about events and closures coming up! 

Why Do Classes Get Cancelled?


We follow along the lines of a typical school calendar, being closed during certain holidays. 

Monthly Testing 

Each month testing is held for qualifying students. Normal classes are cancelled a Friday (testing day)  and Saturday (Belt Awards) close to the end of the month to accommodate the amount of students testing. 

WCWMA Events

Throughout the year, the West Coast Association will hold events such as Tournaments, Black Belt Testing, Boot Camp, and Seminars. When these events occur classes will be cancelled as both our students and our instructors will be in attendance.

When Does A Student Test?

There are certain criteria that each student must meet before they are eligible to test:

Each belt has different curriculum and attendance that must be met before a student should consider their readiness to test. To check our minimum requirements and the testing intervals between belts, please refer to our "Testing Requirements" page.

What If A Student Misses Their Belt Test or Belt Awards?

Missing Belt Test 

We do not offer make-up testing following the weekend of testing and belt awards. If a student misses their test for any reason they are moved to the next month. 

Missing Belt Awards

Out of our tradition, if a student misses the belt awards they must wait 2 weeks before they receive their new belt. Students will have the standing of their new rank and be taught that curriculum but must wait the required time before it is awarded. 

What Happens When A Student Goes On Vacation?

Students who miss 2+ weeks of classes due to illness or vacation are given credited classes at the end of their contract. For example, a student who misses the month of July for vacation but whose contract ends in November will be given a month to make up those classes before their next contract starts (November to December) and their contract would start back up  in December. For any questions, please contact the front desk. 

Please let us know ahead of time for any scheduled absences so we can log it in the student's attendance. 

Does The Class Schedule Ever Change? 

Yes. We do change our schedule based on the amount of students we notice in each class. As new students join or current students advance, a class may be too packed or too little. During these times our instructors will come up with a revised schedule to better spread out students so they can get more attention from the instructors. 

We do try our best to keep the class schedule and its revisions consistent for our students and families. And we will always give notice before implementing a new schedule. 


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